Schematron validation

Kiln comes with pipelines and XSLT to perform Schematron validation of XML files.

The base transformation is the validate/*/*/**.xml match in kiln/sitemaps/schematron.xmap. The first parameter is the schema filename (with no extension), expected to exist as assets/schematron/<schema>.sch. The second parameter is the phase, which is a named subset of rules within the schema. If all phases should be run, use #ALL as the value. The third parameter is the path to the XML file to be validated, relative to content/xml/.

If the first parameter begins with a hash character (#), the remainder of the value is used as the basename of an ODD file at assets/schema/<basename>.xml, from which all Schematron rules are extracted.

sitemaps/admin.xmap#local-schematron contains an example match that is meant to automatically extract the schema from the project’s encoding guidelines embedded in an ODD file. This functionality is not currently available.