Running the webapp


For development work, Kiln provides the Jetty web application server, pre-configured, to minimise setup. To use it:

  • Run the build script found in the KILN_HOME directory. On Windows double-clicking the BAT file is sufficient.
  • Open the URL http://localhost:9999/ (for the root of the site).
  • To stop the web server, press Ctrl-C in the shell window.


The built-in Jetty web server is not suitable for production deployments, and a more robust solution such as Apache Tomcat should be used. Kiln uses the standard webapp structure, so deployment is a matter of copying the files in webapps into the server’s existing webapps directory. Under Tomcat, at least, the Solr webapp requires an extra step: adding a solr.xml file specifying a Tomcat Context to TOMCAT_HOME/conf/Catalina/localhost/. An example of such a file is provided at webapps/solr/conf/solr.xml.

Static Build

Kiln includes a task that allows to create a static version of the website. To execute it:

  • Run the build script as described above to start the web application.
  • Re-run the build script supplying static as argument.

WAR Build (Web Application Archive)

Kiln includes a task that allows to create a Web Application Archive (for use with Apache Tomcat, e.g.). To execute it:

  • Run the build script supplying war as argument.