Using Kiln with the latest version of SolrΒΆ

  • Download and set up Solr
  • Create a new Solr core for the Kiln project
  • Copy the default Solr settings from configsets/_default/ into the new core
  • Set XML as the default Solr response in solrconfig.xml:
<queryResponseWriter name="xml" default="true" class="solr.XMLResponseWriter" />
  • Copy the schema fields from the Kiln Solr to the new Solr:
    • Note that some field types have been deprecated or renamed in the latest versions of Solr, make sure to update those accordingly
    • For example the field types int and float are now called pint and pfloat
  • Edit the Kiln config.xmap sitemap, and update solr-server to the new Solr URL. The Solr URL should point to the core, and not just to the root Solr URL, for example http://localhost:8983/solr/core_name/.